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The Mission:
“To provide an effective outreach strategy that will establish a communications network and identify distribution channels to keep the Small Business community aware of procurement opportunities, to provide a fair, open, and transparent procurement process, and to provide the necessary support services to increase capacity and ensure retention.”

The following components form the basis for the SBE Plan for the Project:

  • Establish commitment to Good Faith Efforts and to meet, or exceed, the SBE Goal established by METRO.
  • Comply with Federal Regulations 49 CFR Part 26 and FTA Circular C 4220.1F.
  • Provide opportunities by maximizing the use of SBE subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Provide employment opportunities to the community, where applicable, through our commitments to Project related workforce training.
  • Establish and maintain a working relationship with METRO, and other stakeholders, based on teamwork and cooperation.
  • Track, measure and report performance in a timely manner and on a periodic basis.
  • Ensure measures to strengthen the capacity, financial stability and abilities of the SBE's that participate in the construction aspect of the Project.

Our SBE outreach plan has been targeted to the community to ensure that all interested SBE subcontractors and suppliers are identified, that contracting opportunities are communicated in a timely manner to interested SBE firms, and that assistance is available to SBE subcontractors so that they can succeed in the work.

Oftentimes the SBE subcontractors/suppliers may not have the technical and financial resources necessary to be as competitive with their industry peers and such deficiencies may affect an SBE firm’s ability to successfully respond to HRT procurements. To address the challenges, we will offer procurement support and assistance to SBEs. Such assistance will be provided through our Competitive Edge, and Business-to-Business Programs. These programs will provide a range of services for both procurement assistance and SBE retention.

Our goal is to attain a minimum SBE participation of $255M. We believe our SBE Plan will meet and exceed the goal.

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