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All persons wishing to participate in the WorkReady Houston Program must pass physical, literacy, background and drug testing (detailed below) to be considered for entry into the program. Passing all requirements does not guarantee a place in the program as space is restricted.


  • Ability to lift 50lbs from floor to waist.
  • Ability to climb stairs and ladders in construction.
  • Vision of at least 20/30 in one eye and 20/50 in the other, with or without corrective lenses.
  • Adequate hearing, with or without a hearing aid.
  • Ability to distinguish colors.


T.A.B.E. is an adult literacy exam, which tests reading comprehension, language, spelling, math computation, and math applications. A T.A.B.E. score of 8.9* or higher is recommended, however scores below this range will be considered based on relevant construction experience.


Individuals must submit to and pass a drug test and background check to become eligible for training.

Individuals who successfully complete WorkReady Houston must pass a required drug test (detailed below) to be eligible for employment placement on the METRO Light Rail Expansion Project. This test is separate from the drug test required to enter training. Passing the background check and drug test does not guarantee employment placement.

Exclusions from Working at Houston Rapid Transit (HRT) Joint Venture:

  • Failing/Exceeding the Department of Transportation's (DOT) 5-panel drug test limits (with confirmation by a Medical Review Officer).
  • Failing/Exceeding alcohol test result of 0.04 (blood-alcohol level).
  • Convicted sex offender (either misdemeanor or felony convictions).
  • Any felony conviction within the past five years.
  • Failing any required Random Screens, 'Reasonable Cause' Screens, Post-Accident Drug and/or Alcohol screens, or refusal to take any required Screening test will result in immediate termination from the HRT Project. Further, that individual won't be eligible to work on the HRT Project for its duration.

*A T.A.B.E. score of 8.9 is equivalent to an 8th grade reading and math level of education.

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