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.Why is light rail important in Houston?
To maintain our standing as a major force in the global economy and keep our edge as an attractive place to visit, raise a family and build a career, we must continually make strides to ease traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse emissions and improve air quality. An expanded light-rail system provides smarter, more energy-efficient transportation options, connecting riders to major activity centers around Houston and providing exceptional new opportunities for residents and businesses alike.

How is light rail constructed?



.When will the new lines open?
The North Line will open in December, 2013, and the East End and Southeast Lines are scheduled to open in 2015. For current line progress click here.


.What impact does light rail have on surrounding communities?
The existing Red Line is a testament to the positive changes that the light rail can bring to a community. Midtown in particular has benefitted from the rail, experiencing a stunning revitalization over the past few years. METRORail proximity is often included as a selling point in real estate listings and neighborhood guides.

 .How can I stay informed about rail construction activities?
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