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After a rigorous selection process, METRO staff, art specialists and members of the community chose the following projects to enhance the North Line stations.


Houston, Texas

Born in Mexico City, Arielle Masson grew up in Belgium, attended university in Paris and moved to Houston to continue her education and launch her career.

"The entire station is identified with nature-derived motifs in reference to the nearby Moody Park. The plant on the platform represents a vine growing all around the Gulf Coast. Mosaics create various plants and dragonflies on the platform, abundant with the proximity of the Bayou. The widescreen glass panels offer a view of a park with plants growing in the region. The presence of the water is also an important feature since White Oak Bayou runs through the back of the Moody Park."
- Arielle Masson

Click here for the full design of Moody Park Station

"The design reflects the Mexican background of a large sector of the community around Fulton Street. The Blue Tile, or Azulejo or Talavera, motif is pervasive throughout the culture. Blue tile with a character in the middle is also part of Dutch and German traditions, so the station also honors those early immigrants. The windscreen panels represent three phases of education: a boy reading on a stack of books, a graduate from college and the educated citizen who votes in the election for the betterment of his community." - Arielle Masson

Click here for the full design of Cavalcade Station

San Antonio, Texas

Rolando Briseño was born in San Antonio and studied at Columbia University. His work is included in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and his public art projects are located in cities across Texas and in New York.

"The design incorporates abstracted elements from Mission Revival architectural style, such as filigree and cement tiles, to celebrate the aesthetics in Tejano society. Tejano leaders contributed to the culture and community of Houston and greater Texas. The leaders chosen by the local community for the paseo of portraits recalls the rich and diverse history found in this city and the many events that have taken place that define Houstonians today." - Rolando Briseño

Click here for the full design of Northline Transit Center/HCC Station

Houston, Texas

Leticia Huerta has extensive experience working on public art projects, incorporating specific ideas of history, culture and community in her work. In addition to her work for Houston METRO, she has also created works for transit systems in Dallas and Charlotte.

"The concept for this station came from the community's interest in expressing the importance of education. I combined the idea of a student entering school, eager to learn, with language and math to create windscreens, platform and rail designs that all work together to symbolize the importance of education."
- Leticia Huerta

Click here for the full design of Quitman/Near Northside Station


"This area has a rich history of growth, family and community. I used images from a neighborhood brochure that was produced in the post-war era promising new residents an idyllic life. The design of the entire station reflects that sense of pride and hopes to create a pleasurable environment for residents as they wait for the light rail to take them to their destinations."
- Leticia Huerta

Click here for the full design of Lindale Park Station


"This station honors the various cultures that make up the rich city of Houston. I am using the artwork from these different cultures as a way to remember their contributions to this vibrant city." - Leticia Huerta

Click here for the full design of Melbourne/North Lindale Station




Dixie Friend Gay is a nationally acclaimed artist who has worked in public art, sculpture, painting and drawing. Her work is fueled by an awareness of the natural world and its ability to induce altered states. Her studio art can be found in the collections of the Federal Reserve Bank in Houston, Rice University and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

"I drew from the flora and fauna in the area. The windscreens have over-sized images of butterflies, creating a relationship between the panels. All the butterflies are native to the neighborhood. The paving is Lithocrete Glass of hand broadcast blend from orange to deep blue, echoing the variation of the background of the windscreens." - Dixie Friend Gay

Click here for the full design of Fulton/North Central Station


"The elevated station overlooks the railroad tracks and the Houston skyline. Images of native vines in bloom echo the railroad tracks and the coming together of the bus, rail and streets. Since this is an elevated station that is not shaded by trees, the windscreens are shaded to filter the strong light."
- Dixie Friend Gay

Click here for the full design of Burnett Transit Center/Casa De Amigos Station