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After a rigorous selection process that included METRO staff, art specialists and members of the community, the following projects have been selected to enhance the East End Line stations.


Houston, Texas

Dan Havel doesn't just make art—he makes statements. Physical. Big. Dramatic. Interactive. Havel and collaborator Dean Ruck most recently earned attention for Fifth Ward Jam, a temporary public art piece in Houston’s Fifth Ward.

"The station combines the iconographic imagery of ship chains and anchors with the colors and linear designs of Talavera pottery. The design seeks to highlight the East End’s ship channel maritime history and the rich cultural influence of the East End’s historic Hispanic community." - Dan Havel

Click here for the full design of Altic/Howard Hughes Station


Houston, Texas

An art professor at Texas Southern University, Jesse Sifuentes has an intimate knowledge of, and deep regard for, the communities that thrive in the shadow of downtown. Sifuentes designed and managed the collaborative creation of The East End - The Birthplace of Houston mural on the side of the Rex Supply Co. building.

"The goal of this station’s artwork is to incorporate the feeling and defining characteristics of Houston's East End. The symbols and imagery used in the site should be instantly recognizable and meaningful to its denizens. This not only makes the rail stop fit into the community, but it establishes ownership of the site by the community. The windscreens include images of magnolia trees that once lined the esplanades of Harrisburg, the community as a mother figure, providing for her young and leading them into a bright future, the coffee industry, Model Ts and the downtown tunnel" - Jesse Sifuentes

Click here for the full design of Coffee Plant/Second Ward Station

Tucson, Arizona

Mary Lucking believes that artists should "work with communities to make the places they live more comfortable, beautiful." She has created site-specific installations for the public to enjoy throughout Arizona, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Texas.

"The visual theme for the station is based on Mexican papel picado (cut tissue-paper banners), which will provide a festive, colorful, unified visual field. The windscreens and fence panels will incorporate images featuring historic and contemporary highlights of the neighborhood that its residents would like to celebrate and remember. The sites depicted were selected by members of the community." - Mary Lucking

Click here for the full design of Cesar Chavez/67th Street Station

Houston, Texas

Ryan Geiger looks out his window and draws inspiration from the birds who inhabit his inner-city yard who manage to thrive in a city where concrete and steel coexist with bayous and magnolia groves. His work has been exhibited at Artscan Gallery and Midtown Art Center in Houston.

"Eastwood has some of the highest concentrations of bird life in Houston, due to its proximity to the ship channel waterway, and migrating birds use the waterway to visually navigate. My desire is to take the utilitarian structure of the station and infuse it with organic design elements in an attempt to bring East End riders closer to the nature that exists in our neighborhood."
- Ryan Geiger

Click here for the full design of Magnolia Park Transit Center Station


"From my studio in Eastwood I create paintings inspired by the many birds that inhabit the neighborhood. Starlings are among the most frequently sighted birds here. This small, unassuming black bird with orange speckles and blue eggs is everywhere in Eastwood, and we have one of the highest concentrations of them in the city. This astonishing sight has inspired a series of paintings that are the basis for the artwork at this station.”
- Ryan Geiger

Click here for the full design of Lockwood/Eastwood Station