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METRO's Business Assistance Fund is taking care of business

Light rail can mean big things for small businesses along the lines, but getting through the construction process can be trying. METRO wants small businesses to continue to thrive during construction, so we created the Business Assistance Fund to help.

What is the Business Assistance Fund?

The Business Assistance Fund is a grant program designed specifically to help small businesses through the light-rail construction period. Eligible businesses may apply for financial aid to assist in handling the everyday costs of doing business, such as:

• Utilities 
• Insurance
• Rent or mortgage payments
• Payroll

What kinds of businesses are eligible?

To qualify for METRO’s Business Assistance Fund, a business must be located directly on one of the light-rail lines currently under construction and meet the requirements of a “small business” (less than $1 million in revenue, with 20 employees or less).

To be eligible, a business must:

• Be in good standing with local, state and federal tax requirements
• Be located on one of the light-rail lines under construction

Please note that the Business Assistance Fund is only available to those affected by the light-rail expansion project. Businesses along the current Main Street Line are not eligible.

How to register

1. To get started, your business must pre-qualify for the Business Assistance Fund. Contact your local area Community Outreach Office for more information.

2. After you complete your registration, a METRO Community Outreach Specialist will provide the necessary paperwork and advise you of next steps.

3. Your documentation will be submitted to Unity National Bank to complete the qualification process. Once qualified, you will be able to apply for financial assistance.