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8 Stations from UH Downtown to Northline Transit Center

north line

The North Line extends the existing Red Line by approximately 5.3 miles, and runs through the heart of the historic North Side, a storied neighborhood rooted in rail that came into being with the expansion, in the 1880s, of the Hardy Rail Line. Starting at the University of Houston – Downtown station, the line runs north on North Main to Boundary Street, crosses east to Fulton Street, and proceeds north on Fulton to the Northline Transit Center and Houston Community College, Northline Mall Center.

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Get to know your Community Outreach Office

To help keep your community informed and involved during the light rail project, METRO has an outreach office located in your area. Here, you will find Christina Moreno-Conner, ready to answer questions and offer assistance. Christina, a METRO employee for more than two years, has a soft spot for the community she serves. Not only did she grow up here, she recently moved back into the neighborhood and now serves many of her classmates and friends from long ago.

You may catch Christina in her office, or you may run into her at your next civic club meeting. There’s a good chance you’ll even see her at the grocery store. Either way, get to know her. She is here to listen to your concerns and help make the light rail expansion project a positive experience for the entire community.

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Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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